TTM Trip: Passer Baroe, Jakarta (May 6, 2013)


This trip was totally unplanned and occurred because of my skipped brain (I blamed sleep-deprivation for this), so we boarded on a public transport that goes to area opposite to where we were supposed to head to, and ta-da, me and Ina (this time minus Debby) found ourselves lost in Passer Baroe. Yeay!

Posing in front of the gate!

Also known as Pasar Baru in its newer spelling edition—when people still referred Jakarta as Batavia, they called this place Passer Baroe—actually reminded me to a similar place in Tokyo and Osaka, which I visited in summer last year. Well of course Takeshita-dōri in Harajuku and Dōtonbori at Osaka were much bigger, neater, more established and well-maintained than Passer Baroe was. However, it was no less interesting for me and Ina, because we were always happy to visit a place we were both never have been to before.

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2 thoughts on “TTM Trip: Passer Baroe, Jakarta (May 6, 2013)

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  2. Bagi pecinta seni dan kerajinan tangan, lokasi Passer Baroe juga merupakan tujuan yang tidak bisa dilupakan. Berbagai macam peralatan melukis dan peralatan fotografi juga bisa dicari di lokasi ini. Seperti frame & album foto, bingkai lukisan, bingkai foto, tripod kamera, lighting foto dan video, tas kamera, assesoris fotografi sampai dengan kamera manual dan digital yang canggih dijual di Passer Baroe.

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