Movie: The Secret of Walter Mitty


Well, the poster don’t tell you much about how awesome this movie actually is.
So don’t judge the movie by it’s poster! Credit: IMDB

The Secret of Walter Mitty

  • Language: English
  • Year Released: 2013
  • Director: Ben Stiller
  • Starring: Ben Stiller
  • Screenplay: Steve Conrad
  • Based on: Short Story – The Secret of Walter Mitty

  • What The Secret of Walter Mitty is all about? Who is Walter Mitty anyway? I totally have no idea about what I was going to watch yesterday noon. I went to theater and chose the movie because Mba Sic told me that I had to watch the movie. She guaranteed that I was going to love the movie, and guess what? Woo~ I’m lovin’ it! Thank you Mba Sic for the rec! :]

    Right ahead is my review, but beware, this one sort of contains spoiler!

    Stop dreaming. Start living.

    That is said to be the tagline for this wonderful comical, adventurous and, in my opinion, romantic movie. Romantic not as in romance between a man and a woman, although there are bits of it in the movie. However by romance I mean a man’s romance, one that has mysterious and exciting quality to it. Just so you know, I am quoting the dictionary up there. In my opinion, the tagline of this movie fits just perfect. It is actually the red thread of the whole story.

    Walter Mitty is actually a fictional character born from the brain of James Thurber. It is published in The New Yorker on March 18, 1939 as a short story goes by the same title, and is also published in book form in My World and Welcome to It in 1942. Walter Mitty’s character is not as fictional because the character is based on Thurber’s friend, Walter Mithoff. It was made into a film in 1947, and now in 2013 is the remake version by Ben Stiller.

    How this secret life of Walter Mitty goes?

    Since I had no clue in the beginning, I wasn’t sure what kind of movie was Mitty. At first, I thought it was like Hancock, since there was a heroic action by an ordinary looking man (not as bad-ass-looking as Will Smith, though), but then, oh well, the fun journey began! Mitty was a daydreamer, he tended to zone out in random moments. One moment he was talking to someone, then in a blink, his imagination went wild woohoo! He was like an old man with timid gesture and is socially-inept. Yeah, he didn’t sound that cool, eh? But wow, wait until you see his vivid imagination. I was actually jealous that my imagination can’t go as wild.

    Mitty didn’t sound or look like a typical protagonist character that was as cool and awesome as typical heroic protagonist. Not handsome, not strong, nothing that make him notable. Well, except maybe when he zoned out. Others liked to pick on him when he was zoning out, though. He seemed like a pathetic man with a great imagination. However as the story unfolded in the 114 minutes duration, he transformed.

    His transformation was not a remarkable change per se, but he finally do something. Instead of relying on his imagination or of dreaming to do it, he is doing it for real. He is living his imagination. Accidentally jumping from a helicopter in to the middle of ocean just to fight a shark for life, skateboarding to a volcano mountain, hiking the Himalayas. Well, take your pick!

    Beautiful things don’t ask for attention. – Sean O’Connell

    This meek man, this Walter Mitty was actually a wonderful person in life, but circumstances had him to have this boring job. Then, he landed a job on LIFE magazine. Still, no one paid him any attention. People looked at him like he was a geeky old daydreamer, doing trivial, boring job like being a manager of negative films development. What kind of job is that anyway? Some of his coworkers made fun of him, especially picking on his daydreaming tendency. They ruled out the chance to get to know him better and instead only judge him by what is seen in the surface: a geeky old daydreamer. Not cool at all.

    However. See, it’s like what Sean O’Connell (a professional photographer who appreciated Mitty’s job, which is to develop the negatives O’Connell took) said beautiful things don’t ask for attention, Mitty was not cool at all, but he didn’t want to look cool, and that’s what made him look cool. Erh, confusing? I bet you will get what I mean when you watch the ending. So, anyway, if by chance we missed seeing a beautiful thing or person, then maybe we are looking up at the wrong one, maybe we don’t give this beautiful one a chance to shine.

    For me, the message that I got after watching this is that people (myself included) should just stop judging a person only by surface—I tried not to be a shallow person, but there are cases that it’s inevitable, so yeah, I am still struggling to become a better person here—;and then (if the tagline isn’t obvious already), people should live their dream. Like not to the extreme like what Mitty did, but just to actually do it, even if we’re going to stumble or looking stupid and not cool in front of others. That was something I intend to do this year. To be unmindful of myself looking stupid when doing something I want to do.

    To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other and to feel. That is the purpose of life. – Sean O’Connell

    Meeh, I am rambling again with the personal stuff. Well anyway, even though the plot is not that grand and instead more of a comical everyday life kind of plot, the now-not-so secret life of Walter Mitty is a recommended movie! The cinematic scenes, the on-shoot locations—they are going to inspire you to do something (and have a journey!!!). It’s a must watch, especially for people who are dreaming to have an adventure. Shoo, go and have one!

    Now I wish I have a skateboard and a one-way ticket to Iceland with me.


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