Hi ~ long time no see.


Just an hour ago, without any preamble, I received an email with that subject. One can guess the content of the letter right away. But I am not talking about the content. (It’s just a simple “hello, do you still remember me? Since I am able to use email now as it’s usually prohibited, I thought to contact you and let you know why I haven’t contacted you since last time.”) However short and cliche it sounds, it’s a sweet gesture. Especially considering the effort she has to endure to be able to send one electronic mail.

I met her only for short hours on a dormitory room in a hostel last year in Taipei. We didn’t talk much, nothing passed the initial introduction conversation when one meets fellow travelers. We stayed in contact for a month after separating our way, but then, one year later, now, we are talking again. A short conversation about trivial things. However, it did make life a notch brighter.

I am not sure why I wanted to share the moment here in this blog, but somehow I felt that it is noteworthy. When you actually feel like a fleck of dust lost among scattered stars, eventually you will find that you aren’t actually lost and there is someone somewhere, maybe a familiar stranger, wondering for your (well-)being, even only for a blink of nameless face flash-back.


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