Coba-Coba Scaling dengan BPJS: Patience needed!


Saya punya kartu BPJS Kesehatan, namun belum pernah saya gunakan. Mendengar bahwa BPJS bisa digunakan untuk scaling atau membersihkan karang gigi, maka saya putuskan untuk mencoba layanan yang ditawarkan asuransi kesehatan milik pemerintah ini. Simak kisah uji kesabaran saya berikut :p

sumber:; pengaburan ditambahkan penulis

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#Senyap – Realitamu, Realitaku?


Senyap (The Look of Silence)

  • Language: Indonesian/Javanese
  • Year Released: 2014
  • Director: Joshua Oppenheimer
  • Starring: Adi Rukun
  • Realitamu, Realitaku?

    Tanggal 10 November 2014 adalah tanggal yang dipilih untuk meluncurkan film yang berjudul Senyap (The Look of Silence) di Indonesia. Tanggal ini juga mempunyai makna sebagai Hari Pahlawan di negeri ini. Saya rasa ada sesuatu yang ingin disampaikan dengan pemilihan tanggal ini. Siapa itu pahlawan? Yang membela negara? Selepas menonton film ini, mungkin timbul pertanyaan-pertanyaan baru tentang artian pahlawan dan membela negara itu sendiri. Continue reading

    Movie: The Secret of Walter Mitty


    Well, the poster don’t tell you much about how awesome this movie actually is.
    So don’t judge the movie by it’s poster! Credit: IMDB

    The Secret of Walter Mitty

  • Language: English
  • Year Released: 2013
  • Director: Ben Stiller
  • Starring: Ben Stiller
  • Screenplay: Steve Conrad
  • Based on: Short Story – The Secret of Walter Mitty
  • What The Secret of Walter Mitty is all about? Who is Walter Mitty anyway? I totally have no idea about what I was going to watch yesterday noon. I went to theater and chose the movie because Mba Sic told me that I had to watch the movie. She guaranteed that I was going to love the movie, and guess what? Woo~ I’m lovin’ it! Thank you Mba Sic for the rec! :]

    Right ahead is my review, but beware, this one sort of contains spoiler!

    Stop dreaming. Start living.

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    Book: The Journey ‘From Jakarta to Himalaya’ – Gola Gong


    Got to thank Wego Indonesia for introducing me to this book!

    The Journey — From Jakarta To Himalaya by Gola Gong

  • Language: Bahasa Indonesia
  • Year Published: 2008
  • Publisher: Maximalis-an imprint of Salamadani
  • Who doesn’t want an adventure?

    Well, tell me if there is any person who actually doesn’t want—no, scratch that verb—dream an adventure of their own. I myself do dream about it one too many times. Everyone in my circle already knows my obsession to have one in India—Kerala to be specific (just don’t ask why, the history is kind of long and what you need to know of it is that a fiction has done its best in kicking my ass and opening my eyes about the place). So well, that’s an adventure for me.

    This book is an adventure itself. It tells about a trip attempted by a man who wanted to fulfill his dream of traveling around the world. Continue reading

    Song: Do or Die


    Music is my rocks
    Music is my addiction
    I need music
    – Echelon –

    The first time I watched the music video for Do or Die by 30 Seconds to Mars—which was yesterday afternoon on a procrastination from my writing—I kind of have a flashback. The concept is pretty similar to Closer to the Edge, the first song of 30 Seconds to Mars that hooked me right away to the band. Both has similar concept of video clip, similar energy, addicting melodies and drumbeats.

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    Song: Sotsugyou (GRADUATION)


    credit: tumblr

    These days, from the long list of songs I loved in my winamp and mp3player playlist, there is only this song that I listen to on-repeat, almost non-stop: 卒ζ₯­ (Sotsugyou or “Graduation”) sung by Yutaka Ozaki, a rock-and-roll rebel famous for his heartfelt lyrics and inglorious death.

    Sotsugyou, released on 1985, was the single that brought Yutaka Ozaki into the limelight of Japanese music industry. It was a grand classic-rock kind of song and, for lack of better words to describe it, was antique. I admit to have a penchant for antiquate songs, such as the prior posted Ue wo muite arukou.
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    Book: The White Tiger – Aravind Adiga


    The smudge and poor condition of the cover scan were proofs of my passion in reading the book. d:

    The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga

  • Original Language: English
  • Version: Bahasa Indonesia
  • Translator: Rosemary Kesauly
  • Year Published: 2010 (originally 2008)
  • Publisher: Sheila-an imprint from CV ANDI Offset
  • A glimpse on Aravind Adiga
    Born on 1974 in Madras and grew up in Australia, Aravind Adiga is an Indian writer and journalist. The White Tiger is his debut novel which won the 2008 Man Booker Prize. He previously studied in Columbia University and Oxford University. He worked as South East Asian correspondent for Time magazine for three years before going freelance. During this freelance period, he wrote The White Tiger. Now he lives in Mumbai, India.

    How I found this book?
    My friend Agizta had introduced me this book when she knew about my passion to have an adventure in India. I remembered she talked about it in my dorm room, then when we were out at a bookstore, she actually found the book, and by luck (or fate?), I had enough money to buy the discounted-by-70% novel. That was on March 11, 2013. To prevent myself from getting bored, I decided to read the novel only when I was on my way to somewhere. Words by words, pages after pages were consumed in many trips to many places, ta-da, I finished the book on May 16, 2013, 10.58 AM.

    Who knew then that this novel by Aravind Adiga would get me hook, line, and sinker? Instead of getting repulsive and traumatic after reading the horrendous and satirical description of poor and corrupt India, I got even more excited to go there.
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