Human as a Code.


Or humanizing human by looking at human as a human? Or maybe, SELF: questioning the idea of human?

I don’t know, this is just another midnight muse that won’t let me go until I words-vomit it. I have been on this for most midnights the past week. So if you are going to read this, sorry not sorry for the confusion later on. It’s a messy, jumbled thought. You are warned. Continue reading


Hi ~ long time no see.


Just an hour ago, without any preamble, I received an email with that subject. One can guess the content of the letter right away. But I am not talking about the content. (It’s just a simple “hello, do you still remember me? Since I am able to use email now as it’s usually prohibited, I thought to contact you and let you know why I haven’t contacted you since last time.”) However short and cliche it sounds, it’s a sweet gesture. Especially considering the effort she has to endure to be able to send one electronic mail.

I met her only for short hours on a dormitory room in a hostel last year in Taipei. We didn’t talk much, nothing passed the initial introduction conversation when one meets fellow travelers. We stayed in contact for a month after separating our way, but then, one year later, now, we are talking again. A short conversation about trivial things. However, it did make life a notch brighter.

I am not sure why I wanted to share the moment here in this blog, but somehow I felt that it is noteworthy. When you actually feel like a fleck of dust lost among scattered stars, eventually you will find that you aren’t actually lost and there is someone somewhere, maybe a familiar stranger, wondering for your (well-)being, even only for a blink of nameless face flash-back.

let’s hype this place!



pretty much i have decided to use this account for whatever i want it to be. it will serve different stories than my other journals, of course.
my private journal is for me to delve deep inside my thoughts and self.
two of my writing journals are places for me to play with plots and crazy things my brain managed to conjure.
indonesiaku community journal has a purpose to promote indonesia to its smallest details.
filsafat galau is for me to open up discussions about life and the trivial things it comes with.

and this journal?
will be everything others are not. so, please look forward to what this journal will offer!


cheers, e.

Yo, wazzap!


so i have been neglecting this journal ever since i made it back in 2009.. maybe someday i won’t tho… haven’t thought much of what i want to use this journal for… if you stumble upon this and are wondering who am i, just search me by erulenonk on google 🙂

till i’ve got any idea what to do with it, ciao 😀