#ThaiTrip, Here is the Tip! – Lodging in Chiang Mai


Traveling and lodging come in one package, right? So, here was the inn which housed us in Chiang Mai. Since the four of us were not fussy on having the great-with-stars kind of hotel, so we went for those which offered excellent values–meaning: great location (near the food and transportation!), basic facilities: B&B! (we would rather bed and bathroom than bed and breakfast!) and, since we did mind our budget, great price (read: cheap, cheap, cheap!). If you are looking for the same things, you might want to check this out.

Lodging in Chiang Mai: Naruncha Green House

TTM Plus One with GOI, the kind and funny Naruncha Green House owner! Thank you for the excellent hospitality ❀

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Trip LomBa (1): Dari Bali Menuju Lombok


highlight: menyiapkan itinerary, airport tax, ojek di Bali, penginapan murah di Bali dan Lombok, Damri di Lombok

Trip ini direncanakan sejak tengah tahun 2012 karena tiket promo AirAsia (lagi!). Dengan merogoh kocek IDR 382.800 saya mendapat tiket penerbangan paling pagi (6.00 WIB) tanggal 3 Juni 2013, dan penerbangan pulang paling malam (23.20 WITA) pada 12 Juni 2013. Awalnya hanya akan bertualang di Bali saja, tapi mendekati hari H, dengan berbagai pertimbangan dan perasaan ingin mencoba bertualang ke tempat yang baru maka diputuskan untuk menambahkan Lombok sebagai destinasi pertama. Yap! Mari mulai cerita perjalanan LomBa (Lombok-Bali) ini.

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FamTrip: Bali (April 16-18, 2013) D1 ~ Jimbaran


Woohoo! Finally! Driven by AirAsia promo, me and mom (yes, you read it right, my mom!) successfully visited the place that was also known as The Island of Gods. Actually this was a first trip we did together in many years, I wasn’t even sure we had a trip together with only the two of us before… anyway without further ado, please enjoy the story of our short 3-days trip!

Day 1, April 16, 2013 | Jimbaran
highlight: accommodation from airport to hotel, hotel, eating, shopping, sunset view, seafood cafes or restaurant for dinner

Waking up, going and getting at the airport too early in the morning was inevitable whenever it was with mom. That aside, Bali trip with mom gave me enough jitters that I booked a hotel room prior on January. Checking, comparing, rechecking and reading review after review on TripAdvisors, in the end I chose to book a room at Villa Puri Royan via tiket.com (read my TA review for the hotel, here).

An on-time and smooth 2-hours flight later, we found ourselves at a renovated Ngurah Rai International Airport around lunch time with 1 hour plus difference (Bali time is set to GMT+8). After haggling with not much success, we headed to Jimbaran, where the hotel was located, in a private taxi (that’s Xenia for us) for IDR 65.000; from airport to Jimbaran was supposedly around fourty to fifty thousand rupiah only, this was proven when later I got IDR 50.000 from the hotel service. I also read in many blogs that it is actually cheaper using airport taxi that has taxi-meter, like BlueBird.
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